Photo tour
North of Portugal
7 days in the most little-known by tourists country in Europe, the best shooting point, master classes, a variety of photo-scenes, cultural and gastronomic program in the group of like-minded people, where nothing detracts from creativity and achievements of photographic practice in a variety of conditions!
The route of this photo tour is slightly different from other tours of Iberian trails. This is due to the fact that the north of Portugal is not only a great variety of beautiful and wild nature landscapes (the country's unique National Park is located here), some of which (along the Douro River) are in the list of UNESCO's cultural heritage. It is not only famous port wine and unique "green" wine, but it is historically the most remote from any economic life (except Porto) region, with severe and changing from season to season weather (pink like almond tree in spring, golden in autumn), full of superstitions, legends and strange traditions preserved from ancient times till present moment... In this region, the route is more like a photo expedition ... and it captivates imagination and, needless to say, it pleases our taste sensors :)
Why should you choose this tour?
Four really good reasons for choosing us:
7 days

Planned by the guide and the leading photographer of the trip, so that the group is at the right time in the right place in terms of light and variety of shooting conditions, and at the same time, a deep diving into the life and culture of the northern region with the opportunity to taste its gastronomic and wine treasures, see unique natural landscapes.
more then 10 natural and historical sites
Starting from Porto, the route passes through two provinces of Portugal, Minho and Trás-os-Montes. We will visit 12 unique cultural sights, including UNESCO facilities and 4 unique natural parks, including the only national park in Portugal and much more (see details in the program below).
1199 €

With the participation of 3-4 people the cost of the tour is getting to its minimum. How did we achieve this? It's simple! We know this country and where "places" live with excellent quality, and minimal cost, as they are made for their people, and not for tourists.

easy to join

You can choose one of the abovementioned dates for grouping and book a trip by filling in the form at the bottom of the page and sending us, indicating the dates of interest to you, the name of the tour and the number of people. Or, if you are from two people, you can choose any date convenient for you by contacting us in any convenient way and paying an advance (details below).
Tour dates: any date
Departure from Porto, follow-up accommodation in comfortable camping sites on the territory of natural parks or in guest houses in authentic conditions (double accommodation with private bath or shower)
Tour Program
Day 1

- Meeting with the group at 10.00 am at the Freedom Square in the "northern capital" of Portugal, Porto.
The whole day is dedicated to this beautiful city, which contributed to the name to Portugal, the birth of Henry the Navigator, the heart of the king of free Brazil, wine shops, storing unique port wine ... and much much more. The city offers unique vitality , incredible diversity of architectural forms, magical sunsets over Atlantic.
- In the evening we move to the north of the historical Minho Province, city of Guimarães.
- Evening briefing with continuation of port wine tasting, which we´ve started in Porto. Once again we meet the team and review shooting materials (what we shoot, how we shoot). The photographer leader will assess the level of each participant and will set up objectives for improvement during the tour.
Day 2

- Guimarães, the city of UNESCO heritage and the cradle of Portugal. The city with the deepest roots and inner strength. Pearl of the Middle Ages. It's not just words. This city has more than 1000 years. It gave birth to the first Portuguese king - Afonso Henriques. The walls of its castle saw the most crucial events for the new born state. The city it is magnificent. It has preserved its entire identity and charm. We also go up to the hill of Pena (Monte da Penha) above the city on the cable car (Teleférico de Guimarães) to an altitude of 400 meters. It´s one of the most romantic parks in Portugal… and much more to come….
- After lunch we continue to move to the north and on the way we pay a visit to Celtic settlement dating back to 4th century B.C. - Citânia de Briteiros.
- Ponte de Lima - the roman town and the oldest vila in Portugal.
- Camping near river Lima and the national park Peneda-Geres. Accommodation in a bungalows which are following the "tree house concept" to minimize their visual impact in its surrounding nature.
- Dinner. Evening photos review.

Day 3

- The western part of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, which is part of UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves and the only national park in Portugal (although many natural parks, protected landscapes, and reserves exist across the nation).
A trip to the waterfalls in the village of Hermida
- Mountain village of Castro Laboreiro - the birthplace of the vast Portuguese shepherd dog called The Cão de Castro Laboreiro, or Dog from Castro Laboreiro, or Portuguese Cattle Dog or Portuguese Watch Dog, the old Roman bridges, the Castle and megaliths.
- The Medieval Castle of Lindoso, the first military construction from the time of formation of the state and its famous 50 Raccards (Portuguese: Espigueiros) (traditional granaries on stilts).
- Accommodation at the camp on the shore of the water reservoir, debriefing, photo review.
Day 4

The whole day is devoted to the Peneda-Gerês National Park.
- Vilarinho da Furna´s dam named after the village, located on the southern slope of the Serra Amarela – the name of the plateau in this part of Gerês National Park. Since ancient times this place saw the Romans, the Visigoths, the struggle for the Portuguese independence and lots of other historical moments, until it stumbled on technological progress ... and in 1972 it was submerged by the filling of the reservoir with the same name...but not all ... ancient ruins still rise over the water ... in between which one can even go for a swim.
- several viewing platforms, located at the highest point of the reserve, the Roman bridge, waterfalls, an old Roman road and its fence, thoroughly covered with moss, arboretum, wild horses and colorful shepherds herding their goats, just as it did a century ago .... and so many stunningly beautiful landscapes

- return to the camp, rest or a night shot from the shore of the reservoir
Day 5

- heading towards the most remote and wild corner of Portugal, the historical province of
Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, where time is on hold. Pre-Christian traditions and superstitions, that children are frightened about, are still alive in this place, blessed by son and 21st century advantages.
On the way we pass through the western part of the Gerês National Park, cities near the border with Spain: Montalegre and Chaves.
- The Montesinho Natural Park (the largest natural park in Portugal) and a charming town Vinhais - the birthplace of the Portuguese smoked sausage "chouriço".
- Accommodation at the camp on the territory of the natural park, visiting the zoo, barbecue, review of shooting material.
We are getting wild :)
Day 6

- Bragança - the main city of the region Trás-os-Montes with a rich history. It was here that Catherine of Braganza was born – the wife of King Charles II. Queen taught her servants to drink tea at 5 pm ... so the tradition of "Five o'clock tee" came to England because of Portugal ...)
- In the afternoon we will visit the city Miranda do Douro which are located on the border with Spain. It has a language of its own, Mirandese, which enjoys official status in Portugal, in addition to cultural and historical discontinuity with the rest of the Portuguese state. Then we visit the new Natural Park Douro International, located on the territories of Portugal and Spain. In this place, the river Douro flows between deep ravines, where, if you're lucky, you can observe vultures and eagles. Hour trip on a boat with tasting of local wines
- the last on our way Natural Park and a large lake - Azibo Reservoir Protected Landscape, winner of the Blue Flag - an international symbol of quality reservoirs
- overnight stay in a hotel next to the park. Final review of the results of the day and the week, best photos selection.
Recommendations for post-processing.
Day 7

- The best is left for the last day. We are beginning to return to Porto through the world-famous (not just by the wine that you know well) Wine Region "Região vinhateira do Alto Douro".

- our route goes along the river, on the hilly shores of which, terraced vineyards are located

- near the town of Peso de Regua we will have a wine tasting at one of the oldest and most famous "Quintas" in the Douro Valley, Quinta do Vallado, guided by the best expert in wines in Portugal - Valeria Zeferino.

Quinta do Vallado, established in 1716, is one of the oldest.

- after lunch and wine tasting, it's the right time to visit the "city of lovers" - Amarante and ask St. Gonçalo, the patron of this place lots of happiness to yourself and your family

- Porto. Farewell to the group.

Double or single occupancy in authentic conditions
Accommodation in comfortable camping sites on the territory of natural parks or in guest houses in authentic conditions (double accommodation with private bath or shower)
Age 18+

Age is not important. What is really important are
enthusiasm by photograph
and openness to everything new!
This video - is my course work to graduate on magistracy about ecotourism. Peneda-Gerês National Park in the winter.
And this is the North of Portugal as seen by professional film makers:)
And here's another great video about Porto and North of Portugal
Here can be your review
Tour Price: 1199 €
Including road maintenance on the route, accommodation with breakfast, excursion part, theoretical studies, practical advices on all genres of shooting and post-processing. With a simultaneous reservation from 2 people, there is a discount
Not included: visa, air tickets, International health insurance, lunches, dinners and snacks, entrance fees to museums and other personal expenses.
We strongly advise to you to have a certain amount of the cash to pay a tips (usually 10% of the cost of lunch or dinner), as well as for the purchase of souvenirs, etc, as in Portugal, not everywhere you´ll be able to pay with a card.
Payment is made in two stages: an advance payment of 300 € up to 3 weeks before the expected date of the photo tour and the final payment on the first day of photo tour.
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