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Hot heart of Portugal - Alentejo

7 days in the most little-known by tourists country in Europe, the best shooting point, master classes, a variety of photo-scenes, cultural and gastronomic program in the group of like-minded people, where nothing detracts from creativity and achievements of photographic practice in a variety of conditions!
The route of this photo tour runs through the north-eastern and central parts of Portugal's largest province - the Alentejo
Alentejo - one of the most interesting historical regions in Portugal, which, unfortunately, is often bypassed by those who seek its southern and western beaches.
Although Alentejo occupies approximately one third of Portugal, inhabited by few people but the sun warms the plain. Slow lifestyle gave rise to many jokes and anecdotes over alentejanos. For example, when alentejano asked where he keeps the money, he says: "Under the shovel, there is the most peaceful place" or why alentejano get up early in the morning? - because they will have more time to do nothing ...

"Land of the river Tagus" (Alem Tejo in Arabic) - a hot, dusty plain where wheat, olives and cork oaks grow.
Alentejo - the region is much more refined and varied than it might seem at first glance. It formed a long wine-making tradition, there are many aristocratic estates, marble city, the royal stables, monasteries and chapels, built of bones and skulls of the monks who lived in these monasteries, monuments of Roman settlements ... In the high hills along the border with Spain are the massive medieval fortress, based Moors in 8-9 centuries. Around Alentejo scattered here and there, huge blocks of stones, like some Gulliver played in a pyramid - ancient dolmens - the origin of which is still a mystery to scientists. And the fields, field ... vast, populated only cork oaks, olives, storks and flocks of sheep ... spring blooming all the colors of the rainbow, in the summer and golden autumn. This is where we will spend an unforgettable spring week
Why should you choose this tour?
Four really good reasons for choosing us:
7 days

Planned by the guide and the leading photographer of the trip, so that the group is at the right time in the right place in terms of light and variety of shooting conditions, and at the same time, a deep diving into the life and culture of the northern region with the opportunity to taste its gastronomic and wine treasures, see unique natural landscapes.
10 natural and historical sites
The route will be high belvederes, dams, megaliths, Roman ruins and temples. the chapel, built of bones and skulls and many other upheavals (for dilution of this region of calm), and storks nesting on all vertical objects, cork oaks, bulls special meat rocks ... and of course, a lot of beautiful alentejano wine, cheese and other gastronomic pleasures :)
1199 €

With the participation of 5 people the cost of the tour is getting to its minimum. How did we achieve this? It's simple! We know this country and where "places" live with excellent quality, and minimal cost, as they are made for their people, and not for tourists.
easy to join

You can choose one of the abovementioned dates for grouping and book a trip by filling in the form at the bottom of the page and sending us, indicating the dates of interest to you, the name of the tour and the number of people. Or, if you are from two people, you can choose any date convenient for you by contacting us in any convenient way and paying an advance (details below).
Tour dates: any dates
Departure from Lisbon, follow-up accommodation at the farm-houses in authentic conditions (double accommodation with private bath or shower)
Tour Itinerary
Day 1

- Meeting at the airport of Lisbon;
- Transfer to a traditional Portuguese farm (quinta) «Quinta das Lavandas» in northern Alentejo, 10 km from the Spanish border.
- Walk around Castelo de Vide town. The medieval fortress, the Jewish quarter and synagogue, fountains and churches of this beautiful city on a hill. Genre and architectural photography.
- Sunset at the Miradouro da Senhora da Penha
- The first analysis of the photos, the introduction and assessment of all the participants, photographic assignments for the next day.
Day 2

- The ruins of the Roman city of Cidade Romana de Ammaia
- Marvão - the highest in the country town, situated at an altitude of 862 meters above sea level, overlooking the magnificent panorama. We are waiting for the castle, founded by the Moors in the 8th century and subsequently plays a key role in Portugal's wars for independence from Castile, white houses, scattered on the steep hills, the Jewish Quarter.
- Discussion of the results of the shooting day. Errors and recommendations. Photographic assignments for the next day.

Day 3

- Belvedere (Miradouro) da Serra da Penha, Portalegre – a thriving city in the 17th century, founded by King Afonso III and famous for its weaving tradition.
We climb to the highest point in the region on the southern side of the Tagus river - San Mamede peak (1025 m above sea level).
- Crato farm village, where the pipes nesting storks, roam the huge bulls and smells of sun-baked wheat. Again Parque Natural da Serra de S. Mamede, this time with the monuments of the Neolithic era, and one of the most well-preserved dolmens (ancient burial and religious building, built of large stones so that until now scientists can not understand the history of their origin) Portugal 7000 years-old - Dolmen Tapadao.
- A traditional discussion of the results of the shooting day. Errors and recommendations. Photographic assignments for the next day
Day 4

- Royal stables Coudelaria de Alter, where currently grown horses Alter Real - a separate branch of the Portuguese Lusitanian breed. Its name has received from the Alter breed de Shaw - where we're going. The second part of the name, "the Real" is translated from Portuguese means "royal". These horses are incredibly strong and have a strong constitution that defined their extremely versatile use, from dressage to the vehicle-driving. |
There (thanks to our partners, Lusitano World), our group will have a master class on the theory and practice of equine photography.
We can also see the royal falconry hunting stables on the central square, which bears the name of King Don João VI.
- Transfer to Quinta do Cano (near Évora), accommodation, critical review of the photo-results of the day.
Day 5

- The oldest city in Alentejo - of Estremoz marble quarries, traditional Saturday morning market, where they sell the famous local ceramics, delicious goat cheese and other local products
- Elvas. The city center remained a huge aqueduct. Exemplary for its time bastion fortification system Elvas was in 2012. declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
- Campo Maior and its Capella dos Ossos - chapel built warehouse of the victims of the explosion of gunpowder in the 18th century, which destroyed 2/3 of the population of the city. This is the second-largest such chapel in Portugal (the largest is located in Evora, where we go on the last day)
- the traditional debriefing
Day 6

- Fortified town Monsaraz and the largest dam in Portugal and Europe's largest reservoir area of 250 square km - Albufeira do Alqueva, on the Guadiana river, built for irrigation of the region of Alentejo.
- городок Mourão. In one of the restaurants in Mourão we will see huge vessels of clay.
In these vessels traditionally fermented (and still are) red grapes. There you can buy tradition red wine in the original large bottle enclosed in a white grid
- Photographic results of the day, and the results of all the photo tour. A short educational program on post-processing images. Selection of the best photos of participants.
Day 7

- early morning check out from Quinta do Cano
- the whole day is dedicated to the capital of the Alentejo - the city of Évora
- departure to Lisbon, a farewell to the group
Double or single occupancy in authentic conditions
Accommodation in traditional Portuguese farms. Homemade breakfast.
Age 18+
Age is not important. What it really important are
enthusiasm by photograph
and openness to everything new!
Video shot not by us. We are in the process :) But it is great! Chorus elderly alentejanos lads at first acquaintance may drive them into the dream of anyone, but in the past year (2015) he was so impressed UNESCO that it was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage
Here can be you!
Price: 1199 €
Including road maintenance on the route, accommodation with breakfast, excursion part, masterclasses, theoretical studies, photo master classes combined with practical photo-shoots Lusitano Breed, practical advice on all genres of shooting and post-processing images. With a simultaneous reservation from 2 people, there is a discount
Not included: the visa, air tickets, International health insurance, lunches, dinners and snacks, entrance fees to museums, purchase souvenirs and other personal expenses.
We strongly advise to you to have a certain amount of the cash to pay a tips (usually 10% of the cost of lunch or dinner), as well as for the purchase of souvenirs, etc, as in Portugal, not everywhere you´ll be able to pay with a card.
Payment is made in two stages: an advance payment of 300 € up to a month before the expected date of the photo tour and the final payment on the first day photo tour.
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