Photo tours to Portugal

Three passions meet here: Portugal, Traveling and Photography.
Photo tours "IT" (Iberian Trails) - is an author's project
about unique routes, designed for those who look for a deep dive with a camera into life, culture and natural resources of this wonderful country.
Portugal - a fascinating country at the very edge of Europe, hereinafter nothing but
the vast ocean.
And this is her blessing.
The Portuguese live in the most comfortable climate zone, do not get involved for a long time in any political intrigue, drink your divine coffee, complain about the weather (and this with such a warm winter!), love their ocean, which is a stubbornness worthy of better application, called "mar", ie "Sea", all as one - patriots of their country, their cuisine, their traditions and language and, of course, their great history! The Portuguese do not like no comparison with Spain, even close to not stand. And they "sem duvida" have the right!
Having been in this country and felt her color and mentality, you, too, I'm sure, will cease to think like
"Well, Portugal is somewhere out there, in the Spanish off the beaten path," and begin to love this country with all your heart and will return more than once or twice.
The purpose of tours "Iberian Trails" - learn how to take pictures in the journey, using a variety of genres of photography, but at the same time, do not load the camera memory countless takes, and learn how to take pictures "as less as possible".
Yes, less, but meaningful. Therefore, we don´t hurry on our itinerary. And you do not load a single theory. We work as a team, that is in the process of continuous exchange of ideas, while unobtrusive guidance and assistance to the master photographer, are working on different theoretical aspects and different genres throughout the day by doing practical photographic assignments.
Since in Portugal is very hard to stay away from the gastronomic and oenological (ie wine) temptations, the evening classes for post-processing of photographs and discussion of the results of the day we usually have at the same time with testing all the best and interesting wine that can offer us the region where we visited during the day:)
And because your guide to the route, that is, I, Alena Cardoso, feel great passion for horses in general, and to Luzitanian Portuguese breed, in particular, therefore photo tours "IT" from this year become the official partner Lusitano World and as a result, you have a unique opportunity to attend workshops on photographing the best representatives of this breed on farms involved in their breeding and dressage.

How it looks
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Necessary equipment
- camera with interchangeable lens;

- file with specifications of the photo camera;

- wide-angle and zoom lens (highly desirable);

- tripod;

- an external flash (desirable);

- polarizing and neutral protective filter UV;

- ND (Neutral Density) filters and gradient;

- a few spare memory cards for the photo camera;

- cloth and spray for cleaning of lens;

- spare battery for the photo camera;

- flashlight;

- photo-wire.

In addition, in Portugal in any season you need to take sunscreen,
and in the period between November and May - large raincoat, under which you can quickly hide the photo camera.
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